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Cinebench R10 reasmarc


Cinebench R10

It is a real-world performance benchmark of a single core and multi-threaded rendering performance. The only requirement is that the processor supports the L3 cache. Oct 8, 2011 User: Diakant - A test that does the same thing as Cinebench R10 and maybe even a little bit more. So I'm looking for a benchmark that does exactly the same as Cinebench R10. It should run on any Linux based operating system, be free, and also run under Windows. Sep 19, 2012 Since Cinebench R10 is quite old, i decided to replace it by glMark (unfortunately it is not yet available for Windows) but the OpenGL Benchmark R7, or glmark2 for short is a nice alternative. This benchmark uses OpenGL as rendering engine and makes use of an established OpenGL extension list to test the hardware acceleration capabilities of the system. This is a great benchmark for performance testing. I have also found another Benchmark which is free and also runs under Windows , it is called CineBench R9 and it measures both Single and Multi-threaded rendering performance. Sep 19, 2012 CINEBENCH R9. Created by the Cinema 4D folks we have CINEBENCH, a popular 3D rendering benchmark that gives us both single and multi-threaded rendering performance. Oct 5, 2012 The Benchmark Cinebench R11 delivers multi-threaded performance benchmarking in a very easy-to-use, yet sophisticated interface. Where to get your test results And while you are at it also download and try: Google Benchmark (Free) Cinebench R11 Benchmarks Below you find benchmark results of the CPUs tested in this review. Where to get your test results from? To get the raw benchmark results go to the official homepage. For the benchmark results including the explanations go to the manual page of the manual test. The following numbers represent the average values of two independent test runs. Listed tests and their explanations This section is only a summarization of the tests performed by Tom's Hardware. For further explanations you can go to the official page of Tom's Hardware and to this manual page. Note: Tests with a benchmark score of over 100% were not taken into consideration. The following table contains lists for the tested CPUs: If you find a mistake or simply want to add or

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Cinebench R10 reasmarc

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